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The Amazing Baobab Tree

By | Blog

The fruit from the tree of life has been providing African’s with a highly nutrient dense food source for generations. Looking similar to a durian this big oval fruit, once cracked opened is completely dry and filled with chalk like seeds that give a strong citrusy taste. The baobab fruit is filled with nutrients, boasting some of the highest levels of vitamin C of all fruit. Known for its superfood benefits it aids in energy release, digestion and immune function leading to amazing health. No wonder it’s also known to give you beautiful glowing skin.

The baobab tree is found in arid regions of Africa but also Madagascar, Arabia and Australia. These giant trees have been around for over 100 million years and boast an impressive lifespan, a panke baobab species found in Zimbabwe was 2,500 years old and the tallest baobab tree found was 47 metres. No wonder they can produce such impressive fruit!

Baobab, like any fruit contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals but unlike many fruits the content is so rich is can provide massive health and healing benefits. This is why it has been used for thousands  of years to eat but also medicinally to treat many diseases and illnesses from its local origin. 

Baobab contains a rich complex of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron and more. It has the highest antioxidant content of any fruit on the planet. This means it not only makes sure you won’t be deficient in nearly all nutrients but its antioxidants will travel through your body fighting free radicals that form from pollutions & toxins all around us.  It is also a great vegan source of calcium, iron and protein, research stating it has been be used for anaemia, as well as zinc deficiencies. The most impressive nutrient content is vitamin c with 1 tsp providing 136.4mg which is more than double the minimum reference daily intake. This is why it has such a strong affect, fighting free radicals and boosting the immune system, improving your overall health.  

One teaspoon of baobab a day provides 2g of fibre, 136.4 mg of vitamin C, 10 mg of calcium with only 10 calories and 3g of carbohydrate with only 1g of that as sugar. It also provides small amounts of protein, lipids and vitamins and minerals. Taken every day it can boost your health by improving digestion, the vitamins and minerals improve skin, boost the immune system and has been seen to reduce inflammation.

Baobab can be added to porridge and cereals, smoothies and juices or mixed into cakes, energy balls and desserts. It has a fresh citrusy taste so should be mixed with things that will compliment. I like to blend banana, spinach, lemon, ginger and baobab to make a refreshing morning smoothie to start the day feeling energised and cleansed.



The Benefits of Doing Nothing …..

By | Blog


 The Benefits of Doing Nothing ….

Relaxation is so important for your mental health and overall wellbeing. It is important to find time for you and look after yourself by, well, just doing nothing.
People who are able to relax are more likely to bounce back from tough times, tend to be happier, have better physical health and are less likely to develop mental health difficulties.

Relaxation slows down the heart rate and decreases stress levels. People who relax regularly show reductions in psychological distress such as depression, and anxiety.

Being stressed for long periods of time puts lots of stress on our bodies, especially on our adrenal glands & our hearts.   Make it a habit to relax regularly and you can do this by relaxing in the bath, walking in the woods, cycling and running are like ‘moving meditation’ for some or just sit in quiet and listen to some music. Talking your body out of the ‘have to do’ cycle is so important to re-group & re-charge.  

Getting a good nights sleep is important to ensure that we’re functioning our best throughout the day. Sleep is our healing time and long term effects of lack of sleep are huge on the system.

All our products at Living Better Health Superfoods have a healing property and were all used in its Founders Health Clinic for many years, before she packaged the products to make them available for individual use.  

Ashwagandha is an Avyrvedic medicine, which is also known as “winter cherry” or “Indian ginseng”, this plant has been used in traditional medicine for more than 3,000 years and is believed to be able to impart long life and give a youthful vigor to the skin. 

Its potent antioxidant capacity by fighting free radicals and reducing cellular damage helps to protect the skin.  It also has a moisturizing effect which contributes to preventing premature aging process by firming up your skin for a younger-looking more yourthful appearance.  Its calming & rejuventating effect on the bodywill assist in helping you get a good nights sleep.

Other benefits of Ashwagandha are:

1. Great for those battling stress, as it inhibits high levels of cortisol, ‘the stress hormone’. 

2.   The results, published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine show that Ashwagandha helps promote relaxation as it is a natural adaptogen.

3. Ashwagandha is also used as an aphrodisiac as well, since it supports sexual health.

4.   If you have any hormonal issues, then Ashwagandha is the product for you.  It acts on the Endocrine system encouraging hormonal balance.  Some studies have suggest reduction in symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings during your monthly cycle or menopause. 

5.  Because of it’s calming effect, it can be extremely benefical in treating Insomina.  Calming down  the nervous system, which eases stress and gets rid of sleeplessness.

The best way to take Ashwagandha is to add it to your smoothie in the morning or with a warm milk alterative and honey before you go to bed.



Post Marathon Recovery with Superfoods

By | Blog

Congratulations, you have completed this amazing goal.

Running a marathon is an amazing feeling, but it takes a toll on both your muscles and your immune system if you do not take care of your body post-run. 
Many people can suffer from serious fatigue in the days following, and report cold and flu like symptoms, with recent studies showing that 7-10 days rest after a marathon is needed.  To help this process, we need to provide the body with the hydration & nutrients it needs to replenish and repair itself.   Focusing on eating healthy & nutrient rich foods. 

Also makes sure you 
– Soak in hot bath with Epsom Salts if possible for at least 15 minutes.
– Stretch out well after your race
– A deep tissue massage will also help the muscles

Our sports relief bundle can provide a range of much needed vitamins & minerals to help you through this recovery phase.  This bundle is specially designed to give your body what is needs at its recovery stage.  Adding the powders to meals, juices or smoothies is a quick and easy way to up your intake of nutrients. 

Hemp Protein Powder

A highly concentrated source of protein, delays fatigue during exercise and acts as the fuel that muscles burn for energy

Bee Pollen

Improves performance and provides a quicker recovery from exercise returning your heart rate to normal.


Its high protein content it is useful for building muscle and strength. Its effect on balancing the bodies blood sugar levels aiding recovery.


Promote energy while promoting adrenal functionality.  A natural mood enhancer, with respect to athletes’ needs Maca has been shown to improve stamina and reduce the onset of exercise-induced soreness.

Click on to the link below to access this bundle 

The Superfood Sports-Recovery Bundle

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