Detox in a Box consists of Organic Hemp Protein Powder 40g, Organic Wheatgrass Powder 15g, Organic Baobab Powder 15g, Organic Chia Seeds 45g, Organic Acai Powder 5g, Organic Maca Powder 5g, Raw Organic Cacao Powder 10g.





If you have never Detoxed before then this if the bundle for you.  Detoxification can benefit the body at any time of the year but especially when your system has been overloaded with too much food, alcohol and even stress.

Our Detox in a Box allows you to follow a guided 7  day program, with just enough superfoods to make all the recipes along will all your meal plans and recipes laid out for you.  Within this program you will be having three meals a day, some of these are smoothies but this gentle introduction into detoxification is easy to use and simple to follow.  

Within the box you will receive 7 packets of Living Better Health Superfoods, so you have all of the Superfoods needed to follow the recipes within the Detox Manual.

Acai, Baobab, Cacao, Chia Seeds, Hemp Protein Powder, Maca and Wheatgrass will to help you get started for the recipes of the set plan without delay.   These amazing Superfoods make Detoxification easier and more effective, they also keep you feeling full for longer.  Cravings occur when nutrients are excluded from an eating plan, so with the nutrient-dense packs included these help to soothe the detoxification process, curb cravings and allow your body and most importantly your digestive system a well-deserved break.

You also receive a 12 page Detoxification booklet giving further information on how you detoxify, a 7 day food programme, recipes and maintenance tips.  Allowing you to go into the Winter months with a stronger immune system, which is fighting fit.

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