Non Organic Leaner Blend



Our new Leaner Blend contains specially formulated products which help to suppress your appetite which will aid you with your weight loss goals. It contains Glucomannan, Baobab, Garcinia Camogia, Inulin, Brown Rice Protein.

This product contains NO fillers or nasties 

Our Leaner Blend contains

Glucomannan, Baobab, Garcinia Camogia, Inulin, Brown Rice Protein

As a nation we are becoming larger, and why is this ?  There are a number of reason into this heavily researched subject.  

Firstly the quality of the food we eat is not a good as it use to be and we snack or regularly eat food with empty calories leaving our bodies craving additional nutrition.  Secondly we do not move as much as we use to or should; technology in all it’s glory has made us sendentary. And thirdly, we are completely confused by food because of all the contradicting reports.

The ‘will-power’ method works for very few people to we get into yo-yo dieting getting heavier with each failed attempt.  The Leaner Blend has been designed to suppress your appetite.  I contains a product call Glucomannan which is the ONLY natural product authorised and recognised by the FDA, because it has been proven to work and dramatically suppress your appetite.

We recommend that you take this product three times a day with plenty of water (as instructed on the packet).

In a nutshell: This blend keeps you full, limiting your food intake

After each serving, make sure that you take an additional glass of water

The Leaner Blend should not be taken by pregnant mothers, mothers who are breastfeeding or children, unless being monitored by a health practitioner.  This product should be taken along side a healthy diet.

Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100g:
Energy 259kcal 1073 KJ
Protein 8.5g
Fat 1.6g
Carbohydrate 26.4g
Fibre 52.6g
Sodium 0.17mg

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